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What mattress size is best for me?

Mattress shopping has never been easy, so many types, so many prices, so many variables. At Newport, our goal is to make mattress shopping simple by providing you with all the tools you need to make a well-informed decision. Coming back to the different variables when choosing a new mattress, it comes one very important: mattress size.


Twin size mattresses fit one person (and even a small dog or cat) with no problem. Typically used for children, or toddlers. They make a great fit on any kid's room, so they have more space for things such as bean bags, desktops, games, etc.

Twin XL

The standard bed size for college dorms. twin XL mattresses are five inches longer, or basically half a king size. They provide more leg room to taller people and are still a good solution for space efficiency.


Full size mattresses give you sixteen inches more of width to spread out. Young adults living alone, young couples starting to live together, or an individual whose child or pet eventually joins the bed can find this size super comfortable per their needs.


The most popular size in the U.S.A. It's great for couples that want to have more space while sleeping. Also, keep in mind that a bigger mattress provides more motion cancellation.    


Wider than the queen size, it will easily fit you, your partner, if you have children or a spoiled pet (like ours). Definitely will take more space than a queen size, so make sure to measure as much as you need before deciding.

California King

Four inches longer, four inches narrower. It is mostly beneficial if you or your partner is super tall. It's more like a King XL. Quick tip: the dog fits perfect at your feet!  

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