Newport Hybrid

Newport Hybrid

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- You sleep mainly on your side

- You require more pressure point relief and gentler support for your body’s natural contours

- You prefer the feeling of being “hugged” by your mattress

Our mattresses come in different comfort levels. Newport Plush is best for pressure relief and side sleepers.

It's not just plush, it's Newport

Excellence on the layers

Our mattresses are built to enhance airflow to avoid overheating while sleeping.

Superior airflow

Our mattress is designed on its three different versions with individually wrapped coils, gel infused memory foam, and LX layers with air cells to create the perfect airflow; as a result, Newport will avoid your body from overheating while sleeping. 

Superior comfort

We built the three versions of our mattress with a gel infused memory foam layer. Each comfort level carries gel for three main reasons: pressure relief, comfort, and cool sleep. It is a responsive foam that combined with our pocket coils provides no motion transfer. You can sleep tranquil knowing that your partner or pet’s moves will not affect you at all! 

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Not all mattresses are adjustable bed friendly. Our springs bend 26% easier than foam, making it possible to fit adjustable bases.

Adjustable base friendly

Watch TV from the comfort of your bed, have a birthday breakfast on your bed, and be confident that your mattress is 100% adjustable base friendly. Our Quantum Edge Elite spring bend 26% more than foam mattresses, such as Leesa Original Mattress, or the Casper Original.

Edge to edge support

Firmer spring border provide edge support while keeping the airflow 25% more than foam

Our hybrid mattresses are built with Quantum Edge Springs. Individually wrapped pocket coils that provide edge to edge support.
Pocketed coils for spinal alignment and back support.
Individually pocket coils provide cooler sleep than some cores.
Our springs are designed to enhance airflow in order to avoid moisture.

Set up as simple as 1,2,3,4...

Our mattresses are shipped in a box.
Place the mattress pretty much anywhere.
Unfold the mattress by cutting the plastic carefully.
Let the mattress expand and air out before sleeping on it.

100% Guaranteed

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